The Firm of Girdlestone

The Firm of Girdlestone

To my old friend

Professor William K. Burton, of the imperial university, Tokyo, who first encouraged me, years ago, to proceed with this little story, I desire affectionately to dedicate it.

The author.


I cannot let this small romance go to press without prefacing it with a word of cordial thanks to Mr. P. G. Houlgrave, of 28, Millman Street, Bedford Row. To this gentleman I owe the accuracy of my African chapters, and I am much indebted to him for the copious details with which he furnished me.



I. Mr. John Harston Keeps An Appointment.

II. Charity A La Mode.

III. Thomas Gilray Makes An Investment.

IV. Captain Hamilton Miggs of The “Black Eagle”.

V. Modern Athenians.

VI. A Rectorial Election.

VII. England Versus Scotland.

VIII. A First Professional.

IX. A Nasty Cropper.

X. Dwellers in Bohemia.

XI. Senior and Junior.

XII. A Corner in Diamonds.

XIII. Shadow and Light.

XIV. A Slight Misunderstanding

XV. An Addition to the House.

XVI. The First Step.

XVII. The Land of Diamonds.

XVIII. Major Tobias Clutterbuck Comes In For A Thousand Pounds.

XIX. News from the Urals.

XX. Mr. Hector O’flaherty Finds Something In The Paper.

XXI. An Unexpected Blow.

XXII. Robbers and Robbed.

XXIII. A Momentous Resolution.

XXIV. A Dangerous Promise.

XXV. A Change Of Front.

XXVI. Breaking Ground.

XXVII. Mrs. Scully Of Morrison’s.

XXVIII. Back in Bohemia.

XXIX. The Great Dance at Morrison’s.

XXX. At The “Cock and Cowslip”.

XXXI. A Crisis at Eccleston Square.

XXXII. A Conversation in The Eccleston Square Library.

XXXIII. The Journey to the Priory.

XXXIV. The Man with the Camp-Stool.

XXXV. A Talk on the Lawn.

XXXVI. The Incident of the Corridor.

XXXVII. A Chase and A Brawl.

XXXVIII. Girdlestone Sends for the Doctor.

XXXIX. A Gleam of Light.

XL. The Major Has a Letter.

XLI. The Clouds Grow Darker.

XLII. The Three Faces at the Window.

XLIII. The Bait on the Hook.

XLIV. The Shadow of Death.

XLV. The Invasion Of Hampshire.

XLVI. A Midnight Cruise.

XLVII. Law and Order.

XLVIII. Captain Hamilton Miggs sees a Vision.

XLIX. A Voyage in a Coffin Ship.

L. Winds up the Thread and ties Two Knots at the End.