The Crime of the Congo

Solutions and Appendix

SOLUTIONS But what can be done? What course should we pursue? Let us consider a few possible solutions and the reasons which bear upon them. There is one cardinal fact which dominates everything. It is that any change must be for the better. Under their old savage régime as Stanley found them the tribes were…

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The Crime of the Congo

Some Congolese Apologies

It only remains to examine some of the Congolese attempts to answer the unanswerable. It is but fair to hear the other side, and I will set down such points as they advance as clearly as I can: 1.—That the Congo State is independent and that it is no one else’s business what occurs within…

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The Crime of the Congo

The Political Situation

I have not in this statement touched upon the financial side of the Congo State. A huge scandal lies there—so huge that the limits of it have not yet been defined. I will not go into that morass. If Belgians wish to be hoodwinked in the matter, and to have their good name compromised in…

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The Crime of the Congo

The Evidence Up to Date

I shall now append some extracts from the reports of several British Vice-Consuls and Consuls sent in during the last few years. These bear less upon outrages, which have admittedly greatly decreased, but mainly upon the general condition of the people, which is one of deplorable poverty and misery—a slavery without that care which the…

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The Crime of the Congo

The Congo After the Commission

The high hopes which the advent of the Commission raised among the natives and the few Europeans who had acted as their champions, were soon turned to bitter disappointment. The indefatigable Mr. Harris had sent on after the Commission a number of fresh cases which had come to his notice. In one of these a…

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The Crime of the Congo

Consul Roger Casement’s Report

Up to this time the published reports as to the black doings of King Leopold and his men were, with the exception of a guarded document from Consul Pickersgill, in 1898, entirely from private individuals. No doubt there were official reports but the Government withheld them. In 1904, this policy of reticence was abandoned, and…

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The Crime of the Congo

Voices from the Darkness

I will now return to the witnesses of the shocking treatment of the natives. Rev. Joseph Clark was an American missionary living at Ikoko in the Crown Domain, which is King Leopold’s own special private preserve. These letters cover the space between 1893 and 1899. This is Ikoko as he found it in 1893: “Irebo…

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The Crime of the Congo

Further Fruits of the System

For a moment I must interrupt the narrative of the long, dismal succession of atrocities in order to explain certain new factors in the situation. It has already been shown that the Congo State, unable to handle the whole of its vast domain, had sublet large tracts of it to monopolist companies, in absolute contradiction…

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