The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Sign of Four, was written for the Lippincott’s Magazine by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1890. This was the second Sherlock Holmes novel.

The story collects a colorful group of people together, among them Jonathan Small who has a wooden leg and a dwarf from Tonga islands.

The Sign Of The Four

Chapter 1 – The Science of Deduction

Chapter 2 – The Statement of the Case

Chapter 3 – In Quest of a Solution

Chapter 4 – The Story of the Bald-headed Man

Chapter 5 – The Tragedy of Pondicherry Lodge

Chapter 6 – Sherlock Holmes gives a demonstration

Chapter 7 – The Episode of the Barrel

Chapter 8 – The Baker Street Irregulars

Chapter 9 – A Break in the Chain

Chapter 10 – The End of the Islander

Chapter 11 – The Great Agra Treasure

Chapter 12 – The Strange Story of Jonathan Small

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