The Mystery of Cloomber

At the Hole of Cree

It was dark enough when we started to make it no easy matter to find our way across the moors, but as we advanced it grew lighter and lighter, until by the time we reached Fullarton’s cabin it was broad daylight. Early as it was, he was up and about, for the Wigtown peasants are…

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The Mystery of Cloomber

Of the Letter which came from the Hall

Having thrown this side-light upon my narrative, I can now resume the statement of my own personal experiences. These I had brought down, as the reader will doubtless remember, to the date of the arrival of the savage-looking wanderer who called himself Corporal Rufus Smith. This incident occurred about the beginning of the month of…

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The Mystery of Cloomber

Statement of Israel Stakes

Copied and authenticated by the Reverend Mathew Clark, Presbyterian Minister of Stoneykirk, in Wigtownshire) Maister Fothergill West and the meenister say that I maun tell all I can aboot General Heatherstone and his hoose, but that I maunna say muckle aboot mysel’ because the readers wouldna care to hear aboot me or my affairs. I…

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