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The Valley of Fear – Part I – Chapter 5: The People of the Drama

“Have you seen all you want of the study?” asked White Mason as we reentered the house. “For the time,” said the inspector, and Holmes nodded. “Then perhaps you would … Continue Reading →

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Chapter 12: Death on the Moor

For a moment or two I sat breathless, hardly able to believe my ears. Then my senses and my voice came back to me, while a crushing weight of responsibility … Continue Reading →

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Chapter 13: Fixing the Nets

“We’re at close grips at last,” said Holmes as we walked together across the moor. “What a nerve the fellow has! How he pulled himself together in the face of … Continue Reading →

Of our further acquaintance with Major-General J. B. Heatherstone

There was, as may well be imagined, much stir amongst our small community at the news that the Hall was to be inhabited once more, and considerable speculation as to … Continue Reading →

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Chapter 15: A Retrospection

It was the end of November, and Holmes and I sat, upon a raw and foggy night, on either side of a blazing fire in our sitting-room in Baker Street. … Continue Reading →

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Chapter 10: Extract from the Diary of Dr. Watson

So far I have been able to quote from the reports which I have forwarded during these early days to Sherlock Holmes. Now, however, I have arrived at a point … Continue Reading →

The Yellow Face

[In publishing these short sketches based upon the numerous cases in which my companion’s singular gifts have made us the listeners to, and eventually the actors in, some strange drama, … Continue Reading →

Chapter L: Winds up the Thread and Ties Two Knots at the End

Great was the excitement of the worthy couple at Phillimore Gardens when Kate Harston was brought back to them. Good Mrs. Dimsdale pressed her to her ample bosom and kissed … Continue Reading →

The Valley of Fear – Part I – Chapter 3: The Tragedy of Birlstone

Now for a moment I will ask leave to remove my own insignificant personality and to describe events which occurred before we arrived upon the scene by the light of … Continue Reading →


I face my study window as I write, Bertie. Slate-coloured clouds with ragged fringes are drifting slowly overhead. Between them one has a glimpse of higher clouds of a lighter … Continue Reading →

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